Don’t Force It – Immerse Yourself in Education

According to sites like DIRECTTV, if you pull up their channel listing you’ll find that there is quite a bit to watch on TV. Might sound like a nightmare if you’re knee-deep in finals season or if you have to prepare for the SAT. However, television might not be as bad as you think.

There are a lot of educational programs on TV and we’re not just talking about the PBS, although that, too, is a great option. There are, in fact, science channels and the Discovery Channel which all cover a multitude of topics.

Travel Channel is also great if you are looking for information on places both near and far. None of this, Cambridge Massachusetts auto coverage, however, is to suggest that you completely substitute the class materials for television, far from it. However, you can’t force it all in.

When you have studied the class materials, take a break. Indulge in a program or show that is related or even complementary but still entertaining. It will give your brain a chance to process and put into context all that “real” stuff you just went over.

PBS also has a wide library of shows and programs that pretty much cut out all the fluff and leave you with just the facts.

5 Strategies To Help Read Through The Math Correctly

If you are going to be taking the SAT, there is a good chance that you will need to study diligently for it to ensure that you pass with flying colors. By doing this, you can feel good knowing that you are able to pass and will improve all of your chances of getting into a good quality school. You will find that this makes it easier for you to also relax during the test because you came fully prepared for it and know exactly what it Read the rest of this entry »

Which Calculators Work Best And Are Acceptable For SAT

Although the SAT board states that most of the math questions on the test can be solved without a calculator, they have created regulations for students who do use choose to use calculators.

Several different types of calculators are permitted on the SAT. Even though scientific calculators can be used, most officials recommend the use of a graphing calculator. However, students should not feel compelled to buy an extremely expensive graphing calculator for the test; it is not necessary. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Use Calculators On The Math Portion Of SAT

Taking the SAT is one of the most difficult things for any high school student or person looking to obtain a high school diploma. This test will judge if you graduate high school and what type of college you get into to further your career. The most important thing to remember is that you are able to use a calculator for the math portion of the test. You should always ask your local testing center Read the rest of this entry »

Knowing The SAT And Improving Your Test Strategy

The cliche saying that “knowing is half the battle” is actually very important when preparing for the SATs. Being aware of what you will be tested on, when and how is crucial for preparing for this important test.

Above all, use practice tests when preparing for this exam. There’s nothing closer to the real thing, and a good practice test can improve your test taking skills and timing. To achieve the most accurate reading on how you Read the rest of this entry »

Breaking Down The Scoring Of The Entire SAT

If you are wondering how the SAT score is figured out then continue reading and you will have a much better understanding by the time you are done. The SAT is broken down into multiple categories each having their own range of scores that can be obtained.

The Writing section consists of an essay and multiple choice section. You receive a score of 1 to 6 on your essay portion and 1 point for each correct multiple choice question you answer correctly. If you don’t answer you Read the rest of this entry »

Special Topics Now Covered In The SAT Math Section

There have been some recent changes in the Math section on the SAT test that students are taking. There have been some additions and some subtractions within the last few years that are leaving students having to study different subjects that were previously not covered. The SAT is an important factor with a lot of colleges today and the scores that you achieve can control what you are able to do down the road with a career choice. Read the rest of this entry »

Addressing Deficiencies In Your Math Skills For Testing

If you are struggling in different areas of your skills for the upcoming SAT there is no need to worry. You can now take practice tests to help you prepare for the SAT and learn where you are struggling and need improvement. Once you know the areas that you are deficient in you can seek the advice and help of others to improve your skills.

Since there have been a number of changes in the Math section of the SAT you need to study and be prepared more than ever with your Algebra II Read the rest of this entry »

Study Skills For Preparing For The SAT Math Sections

Studying for the SAT math section requires student to be fluent in various high school math terms and formulas. Students can best prepare for the math section by first attending all math classes at school and asking questions. If they are not in advanced math classes, then a preparatory booklet can give them practice for the exam. Students should also visit the testing website to see and take practice test, this helps them find their own weak areas.

The SAT math section is filled with basic concepts all the way to advanced mathematics.Never heard of this before? Get up to speed here. Read the rest of this entry »